Following the bloody clashes last year, the Army Alliance gained control over Valhalla Metropolis. This becomes the command center of the Army under the command of General Nick and Sam-urai Commander. General Nick is a great strategist who puts the safety and well-being of the people under his command first. Japanese Commander Sam-urai compensates for his determination and cruelty to the enemy.

Defeated, the Rebel Horde, retreats into the mountains. At his command comes the Profetu General and Commander Jenu. Former ISS (International Secret Service) secret agent , the general wants the downgrading of the regime set up by the Army Alliance. We sadly recall the fact that the general’s wife was executed by the Army Alliance because it helps the poor people on the outskirts of Metropolitan Valhalla. Commander Jenu is known for lack of diplomacy. In his view, the only solution to solving the problems is war.

Disappointed that he has not reached the Army Alliance leadership, Crazy Bullet with a handful of people deserts. This is how S.D.F. Solution Inc. was formed, a group of mercenaries with a single purpose, to get rich. Crazy Bullet, an unscrupulous character who is willing to sacrifice all people under his command to achieve his goal, naturally leads. This very “slippery” character is obsessed with power, war and money.

In July 2170, a temporary peace agreement between the army and the rebels was negotiated. This is not acceptable for Crazy Bullet, peace is not “lucrative” for it. Without hesitation, he takes the decision to kill the son of the general of the army and sets everything up for the assassination to be executed by a spy of the Rebel Horde.

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