Specific airsoft game rules used at BLITZKRIEG events:


In many airsoft games, rumors are heard about a player or team that does not recognize the hits or doesn’t play correctly. If you are in such a situation and have no concrete evidence, better keep this information for yourself or address an organizer.

Although we do not want the rules to be violated, the organizer can not be omnipresent on the ground, so do not forget about the basic principle of airsoft or fairplay. Compliance with the rules of play is the sole responsibility of the player. The organizer will treat any referral with interest and professionalism, attempting to sanction any deviation within the rules.

We think it is better to forgive and forget the deviations of your game partners. Continue to have fun instead of concentrating on people who act in the wrong way. Remember to represent your club and/or your region when you come to events; how you act and interact with the airsoft community will define how you are perceived. This is a great responsibility that needs to be treated with utmost seriousness.


Causing a strike on the ground is a deviation from the regulation and will be sanctioned. Do not argue with others if they do not recognize the hits, call an organizer (if present).


Due to the specific landscape relief, with very narrow and bordered roads, we will restrict the AUTO-IN GAME access to the safety of the players and the fluidity of the game. Organizers can have an ATV or CAR-IN GAME for eventual transport and supply missions.


Any direct hit that targets and touches you (whether in your body, replica or equipment) is considered a deadly blow. The player has the obligation to call DEAD/HIT, raise his hand, then put on his green reflective vest for daytime play or the red flashing light for night play (the flashing vest and flashing red light are required at the entrance to the playing ground). The player has the obligation to stay in the exact place where he was hit for 60 seconds. Only after 60 seconds he can move to respawn. After this interval (60sec), he can decide to stay in “bleeding time” for 10 minutes where he can be resurrected by a doctor. In “bleeding time” the player can not change his position, he must remain in the place where he “died”. After the 10 minutes passes, the player is forced to move towards respawn. It is forbidden to be pulled by an ally in an area that is protected from enemy fire. It is forbidden for the player who “died” to offer any kind of information. (“The Dead” does not speak!)
Direct-kicks received from friendly-fire players will be considered valid, and the player is considered “dead”.


The reflective vest must be at least 50X50 cm in order to be visible from the front and back. The lack of reflective vest is a deviation from the regulation. The vest is part of the mandatory equipment without which access is not allowed in the game area. It is recommended that you have a spare vest. The BLITZKRIEG Bar will feature reflective vests for sale.


One can exclude a player from the game with the knife kill rule only if the attacker has a plastic knife (replica) in his hand and speaks “knife kill”. The eliminated player is not allowed to call “dead”. It can be eliminated a maximum of one player in 5 seconds.


Only MID-CAP and LOW-CAP chargers are allowed.


It is strictly forbidden to use pyrotechnic means of any kind. It is allowed to use gas or CO2 grenades. The dumping and explosion of a gas or CO2 grenade inside a lens (bunker, ammo depot, communication center) leads to the death, without the possibility of being physically resurrected, of all persons inside the lens. Throwing and blasting a gas or CO2 grenade into an open space causes the death, without the possibility of being resurrected by a doctor, of all people in a circle with a radius of 5 m around the place where the grenade exploded.


Laser-sight systems are not allowed on the playing field.


It is strictly forbidden to ignite the fire on the playground, camping or adjacent areas. Failure to comply with this rule leads to a permanent ban on BLITZKRIEG events and to the report of the Romanian Gendarmerie about taking the necessary measures in accordance with Law no. 171/2010, regarding the establishment and sanctioning of forest contraventions.


The territory where the BLITZKRIEG event takes place is divided into 3 areas: REDZONE (the play area), YELLOWZONE (the village) and GREENZONE (the camping, the canteen and the bar).


It is the playing area of the event and is the only area where you can shoot any type of replica marked by the organizers at registration. Re-entry into the game area is only done by entering the respawn. At the entrance of the game area, the player is required to: wear the reflective vest, the glasses, the participant bracelet on hand, to use a replica marked with a chrono and stick in a visible place the personal identification number.


For a good progress of the event, it will be denied the access in the playing area of the people who do not meet the conditions listed above or are intoxicated with alcohol.


It is a neutral area where both factions can meet. In this area it is forbidden to shoot or to enter the fortress with the charger into the weapon. The village is the area where several buildings will be built. In the village will be the tower on which the score will be displayed. Also here are the KNIFE FIGHT fights and can be found permanently: doctors, engineers, chemists, military instructors, bankers and many other surprises.


In this area the use of replicas is strictly forbidden. It is the area where the Bar and Canteen will be built. In GREENZONE there are chalets and campgrounds. In this area, between 22:00 and 08:00, it is strictly forbidden to disturb the silence by making noise with any device or object or by shouting.

Re-entry into the play is made by any respawn at the choice of players, according to the rules set out in the RESPAWN ZONE section.


The rules will be published on the event banner mounted near the BLITZKRIEG Bar. On this banner there will be a section where you will see all sanctions and warnings received by players for violation of the game rules presented in this guide.

The verbal warning and sending the player in the respawn from his own base is done for minor deviations from the regulation:

  1. Not recognizing the blows;
  2. Lack of reflective vest;
  3. Lack of red flashlight at night play;
  4. Failure to dress code;
  5. Engagement in Organized Organizations (CQB) with replicas other than the gun;
  6. Entering inside the buildings with the pistol on full auto;
  7. Addressing offensive words to the other players on the field;
  8. Use of reflective vest or flashing red light by the hit person after being healed by the doctor;
  9. Not returning the grenade launcher during the assignment;
  10. Providing information when “dead” (the player has a reflective vest on it);
  11. Possession or use of HI-CAP chargers;
  12. Use of lasers;
  13. Failure to comply with the RED ZONE Entry Regulation;
  14. Blind-fire.
  15. Failure to comply with the respawn regulations.

For the unforeseen situations, the decision to sanction remains at the discretion of the organizer on the spot. In this case, the player is forced to wear the reflective vest (dead man’s vest), declares “dead” and moves to his own base. Refusal leads to exclusion from the event.

TEMPORARILY BAN and sending the player to the off zone for an hour is made for serious deviations from the rules:

  1. Repeating minor deviations from the regulation;
  2. Violation of night-time sign up regulations;
  3. Use in field replicas that were not at the check of the chrono;
  4. Lack of protection glasses in RED ZONE;
  5. Recharging into unauthorized areas of the regulation.
  6. Addressing offensive words to the organizers.

For the unforeseen situations, the decision to sanction remains at the discretion of the organizer on the spot. In this case, the player is forced to wear the reflective vest (dead man’s vest), declares “dead” and moves into the OFF ZONE. Refusal leads to exclusion from the event.

PERMANENT BAN from the BLITZKRIEG event this year applies to:

  1. Repeating serious deviations from the regulation;
  2. Physical violence against players or organizers;
  3. Changing the replica’s speed after checking the chrono (field measurements will be made during the event);
  4. Destruction of props or other materials on the ground;
  5. Destruction of flora and fauna;
  6. Ignition of fire in unplanned areas;
  7. Use of pyrotechnics other than those provided by the organizers;
  8. Entry into the playground in an advanced state of intoxication or under the influence of drugs;
  9. Violation of the HPA Regulation;
  10. Use of ball types other than 6mm and plastic;
  11. Participating in the game of the persons without BLITZKRIEG bracelets on their hands.

For the unforeseen situations, the decision to sanction remains at the discretion of the organizer on the spot. In this case, the player is required to wear the reflective vest (death jacket), declare “dead”, move to the OFF ZONE, and the blue band will be removed.


The event will be organized in the area of Santa camp, which is located 5 km south of Păltiniş resort and 25 km from Sibiu, at an altitude of 1350m in the Cindrel mountains. The locality can be reached from Păltiniş, on the forest road DJ106A.

During the event, organizers will make available to players the following:

  • In the Şanta Camp near the game area we offer 45 accommodation places (2, 3, 4 and 5 rooms), in fully furnished and equipped huts;
  • In the Soimii Camp, at a distance of 4 km from the game area, we offer 80 accommodation places (2, 3, 4 and 6 rooms), in fully furnished and equipped mountain huts;
  • Camping area (area where fire is FORBIDDEN/Game ban);
  • Fire area, demarcated and fitted with gas cylinders/burners, provided free of charge by the organizers to the players (only in this area the fire may be lit for the preparation of food by the players);
  • Ecological toilets;
  • Canteen and Bar;
  • AIRSOFT.RO store with airsoft products;
  • Pavilion for airsoft events organizers;
  • Specialized medical assistance during the event and rescue during the game;
  • Car parking with parking assistance and luggage transport for the players to the camping area (because of limited parking places, we recommend players to group on cars).



The rules apply to daytime playing.

At BLITZKRIEG chrono checks are mandatory at check in, please bring all your guns with you at check-in.
Weapons must be chroned with 0,20 g BB´s. If you are at the edge between the classes, e.g. semi and full auto, we recommend that you check your weapon before coming.


Cheating chrono (by not setting hop to 0 while taking chrono test and/or using different BBs than provided by chrono crew, or using non – chrono marked replica in game will lead to instant game ban.

Using BB larger than 6 mm is strictly forbidden.

Glass, clay, alu & steel BB´s are strictly forbidden. MAX BIOVAL BB´s are forbidden due to their hard shell. They can break safety glasses.

Ball speed Minimum engagment distance Mode Class
0 – 110 m/s 1m full auto GREEN
110 – 125 m/s 7m full auto BLUE
125 – 140 m/s 15m single fire only (+SAW) YELLOW
140 – 170 m/s 25m single fire bolt action only RED
peste 170 m/s DENIED

A deviation of +2 m/s from the sign up rules is acceptable.


Nighttime rules (Friday to Saturday between 2200-0800):

  • Rules for daytime play apply with the following exception: For night play, full auto can only be fired if the flashlight lights up or an airsoft tracer and special balls are used.
  • Inside the buildings or other structures arranged by the organizers (CQB) will only fire with single-fire pistol replica. The maximum accepted pistol speed is 110m/s. Guns that exceed this speed can not be used on BLITZKRIEG.


Changing the replica speed after the chrono check is considered a serious offense and is punished with PERMANENT BAN. Changing the replica speed is only allowed when the chrono is restored.


The endurance controller’s (Tournamentlock) pressure assurance system will be brought by the participant. The organizer will seal the tournament lock through at least one of the following: seal, customized mouse, secure sticker.

  • The tournament lock must not allow access to the adjustment screw by mechanical or elastic deformation without destroying its integrity.
  • The admissible propellant gases will be: compressed air (HPA), nitrogen or 12 g CO2 capsules. Rechargeable CO2 bottles, oxygen cylinders or other improvisations are not allowed. Bottles must comply with external integrity, be free from cracks, deformations, or damage to the outer shell in any form, worn out threads, not to intervene or to repair/modify containers, regulators, valves and so on. The HPA system will be compulsorily accompanied by a commercial regulator from established Airsoft manufacturers with intact and functional constituents, excluding craft controllers or those with any kind of intervention.
  • It is forbidden to supply cylinders less than 100 m from the place/perimeter of the event and less than 50 m from any movable or immovable property not belonging to the beneficiary. At this event we will have a space for these loads.
  • If the system allows wireless modification, the lock software will be available to the organizer.
  • Changes to HPA systems in any form (rof, power, shooting mode, air feed or balls) are not accepted after system inspection, chronograph.

 Dress Code


  • UNIFORM: Any type of uniform with a single pattern (model) is accepted. Any kind of camouflage can be used. It is imperative that the vest and pants have the same camouflage. Uniform uniforms are not accepted;
  • RAINY WEATHER: Only the pilgrim with pattern (model) is accepted;
  • HEAD: a helmet or bonnie hat is mandatory. Any other variation is forbidden. Wearing the gillie on the head and covering the head cover is strictly forbidden;
  • FORBIDDEN: face paint, mixed outfit (with different patterns), uni rain equipment;
  • RECOMMENDATIONS: use the helmet as it will be mandatory from the Blitzkrieg 2020.


  • UNIFORM: Only mixed outfits are accepted (the trouser should have a different pattern than the vest), we recommend that at least one piece be uni, any color other than black;
  • RAINY WEATHER: only the uni pilgrim of any color other than black is accepted.
  • HEAD: one can wear shemagh, bandana, hat or hood; any other variation is forbidden (baseball cap, beret, helmet, bonnie hat or uncovered head, etc.). Wearing the gillie on the head and covering the head cover is strictly forbidden;
  • FORBIDDEN: coat and trousers with the same pattern, coat and trousers in black uniquely designed, single-pattern or black rain gear;
  • RECOMMENDATIONS: use face paint.

S.D.F. Solution Inc. – Contractors

  • UNIFORM: Any type of uni black uniform is accepted;
  • RAINY WEATHER: Only a black pilgrim is accepted;
  • HEAD: Mandatory black beret or baseball hat. Any other variation is forbidden. Wearing the gillie on the head and covering the head cover is strictly forbidden;
  • FORBIDDEN: face paint, patterned outfit;
  • RECOMMENDATIONS: use a tactical black vest, but any pattern/color is acceptable.

Players who do not follow the dress code will be removed from the field.


This page is the official version of the Regulation and can be accessed at:

The organizers reserve the right to amend this regulation in exceptional circumstances. Changes to the rules will be communicated to players by email and/or Facebook.

Purchased tickets and products are not refundable.


The organizer of the event provides a public relations office (InfoLine BLITZKRIEG) every Sunday during the registration period, from 19:00 to 21:00.

InfoLine 1: +4 0369.438.496Crețu

InfoLine 2: +4 0733.983.666Baxter

InfoLine 3: +4 0742.265.723Xtreme

InfoLine 4: text and voice channel on DISCORD



Please contact us only at these numbers and only between the mentioned times, in order to receive accurate information about our event. Thank you for your understanding.

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